How to identify a fake diamond engagement ring

Finding a good diamond engagement ring to gift your fiancé to be can be difficult, especially since the market is flooded with cheap diamond substitutes such as cubic zirconia and quartz. Since many of these substitutes are masterfully crafted to resemble the real thing, distinguishing a fake diamond ring from a real one is not easy; however it is possible. There are several ways and tests of identifying counterfeit diamond engagement rings, some of which are discussed below.

Fog test

The fog test is easy to carry out as it does not require the use of specialized tools. To carry out this test, blow on the suspected diamond’s surface to create a fog. Unlike fake synthetic diamonds, real diamonds do not retain heat, and thus the fog will disappear fast. On the other hand, when the same test is carried out on counterfeit diamonds the fog will tend to linger a bit longer.

The jeweler

There are very many jewelers operating in Toronto, and while some deal in real diamond rings others do not. Thus, not all jewelers sell real diamond engagement rings Toronto. To avoid the risk of purchasing a fake diamond ring only deal with reputed jewelers who are able and willing to answer all questions you have about their merchandise. Less known dealers who are unable or unwilling to answer certain questions may be involved in the sale of counterfeits.

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Transparency test

Another basic characteristic of real diamonds is that they refract light. As such, one way of testing the authenticity of a diamond engagement ring is by placing it on a piece of paper. Due to diamonds being refractors of light it is not possible to see through them. On the other hand, fake diamonds lack this quality and thus it is possible to see through them and read any writings on the piece of paper.

Quality of the setting

It is a well-known fact that diamond engagement rings are pricey. Thus, another way of identifying a fake diamond ring is by evaluating the quality of its setting. A real diamond ring will be set into a metal of superior quality. Apart from the quality, the craftsmanship of the setting will also be indicative of a diamond’s authenticity. If the setting is poorly crafted with poor placement or security, then it is most likely a fake. Additionally, if the setting is loose or crooked the ring in it is also most likely a fake. Remember, a diamond ring is as authentic as the metal it is set it.