Can Combining Lemon and Baking Soda Help Fight Against Cancer?

Technological advances in medicine and wide spread research into the field are yet to reveal any cure for cancer. Despite the fact that we know some causes of cancer, we simply have no cure for this disease that has been labeled as one of the leading killers in the world. Aside from cancer, there are several other life threatening conditions that modern medicine seems unable to combat effectively. That is why most people, including professionals in the field of medicine, have resorted to experimenting with well-known natural substances. These are substances that contain chemical properties that show great promise when it comes to dealing with a wide variety of health conditions. One such natural combination is that of lemon and baking soda.

What does the combination of lemon and baking soda do?

There has been some great debate on how useful the combination of lemon and baking soda is in the fight against many lifestyle conditions including cancer. There are various schools of thought that believe drinking a combination of the two can greatly help to protect one against the risk of developing cancer. This is mostly due to the various properties that the two substances possess. In combination, they act as the perfect mixture to both ward off and remedy many conditions within the human body, including some that could be causing cancer.

You are however advised to treat this as an experimental cause of action. Although there have been some recorded results, it is still unclear as to why this combinations work on some people and not on others. As things stand today, there are several benefits that have been proven to occur thanks to this highly effective and highly natural combination of lemon and baking soda. Here are is one of the benefits.

Alkalizing effect

This wonderful combination has a great alkalizing effect within the body. This is helpful especially when fighting conditions such as acidosis that may occur when the human kidney is not working at full efficiency. There are some cases where the kidneys do not work efficiently thus causing an unusual amount of acidity within the body. This can lead to high toxicity and risk of cancer (cancerous cells thrive in acidic environments). By taking a little baking soda in your lemon juice, you are essentially helping your kidneys to get rid of the excess acidity and reducing your risk of cancer.

Additional research into this remedy has shown that drinking a combination of lemon and baking soda is a great way to regulate bad cholesterol in the human body. This is the kind of cholesterol that causes obesity, heart problems, hypertension and so on by clogging up your arteries. Even just drinking some water with a little baking soda can help your system keep LDL levels low thus greatly improving your cardiovascular health.